Our Values

We are specialists and the only dedicated search firm in the UK that exclusively moves C-Level technology leaders to VC backed technology businesses. We exist in this space all day every day. This specialism and focus has enabled us to create not only an unparalleled network of top tier European VCs and tech companies and therefore the opportunities which they create, but also provides us with the experience and knowledge to advise you with every aspect of your career.

Often the best opportunities don’t hit the open market and due to our extensive network we can facilitate discreet introductions to top tier VCs, proven technology entrepreneurs and leadership around your particular domain. This is incredibly efficient at driving opportunity.

Career Mentoring

Albany will do more than find you a new role, we will help manage your career and provide professional, discreet, objective and independent advice, including peer benchmarking, market appraisal and a proactive targeted search.

In our experience most moves at this level in the market come from soft introductions and more often individuals just looking to benchmark themselves against their peers. We are well versed in giving fully confidential advice and arranging discreet conversations with our client base. The technology market is aggressive and extremely fluid; it is the age old deliberation around “opportunity cost” – by staying where I am, what am I missing out on.